About Us

WEYE in WEYE clean energy company Ltd stands for Waste to Energy Youth Enterprise


To produce high quality, smokeless and eco friendly, equip practical entrepreneurial skills, To reduce on deforestation by providing alternative sources of cooking energy produced from agricultural waste, To lead the transition of institutions such as schools, universities and prisons from firewood consumption to clean cooking briquettes.


Kyoto Eco-briquettes.(High Quality, Burns three times longer than ordinary charcoal Smokeless, Affordable, Environmentally friendly. Institutional briquette stoves(Cost saving, Energy saving, Environmentally friendly, Health friendly, Time saving, High efficiency)


Consultancy and training. We offer consultancy and training in the following Briquette production, Bio-gas systems, Mushroom growing, Urban vegetable gardening, Waste management, Entrepreneurship, Baking, Soap making, Candle making.

Our story

WEYE in WEYE clean energy company Ltd stands for Waste to Energy Youth Enterprise because this company was founded in 2015 initially as The Waste to Energy Youth Project aimed at equipping youth with practical and entrepreneurial skills in waste management, clean energy production and smart agriculture.

For sustainability WEYE clean energy company limited was registered as a company to produce and supply fuel briquettes, construct stoves and provide consultation and training services. This company is located in Bulooli, Namugongo Division in Kira Municipality next to the Uganda Martyrs Catholic shrine. The company currently runs the iF social impact prize 2017 winning project “Waste to Energy Youth Project”